RAINS - Poncho

Cool Poncho

  • A universal fit
  • A collar button fastening on the front
  • Adjustable hood with a practical cap function
  • Button fastenings along both sides to secure air circulation and a flexible closing function
  • Air circulation holes under the back shield to ensure ventilation
  • All inside seams has been melted with ultrasonic precision welding
  • Composition: 50% PU (polyurethane) 50% polyester Weight: 190g /m2 Fittings: Stainless steel

The PONCHO has a practical and elegant rounded shape, that makes a great cover for the rain and comfortable to wear. Along the sides are button fastenings, making the poncho flexible for all situations. The hood is adjustable, and has a practical cap. The poncho has ventilation holes under the back shield, and is perfect for a fast bike ride through the city.


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